Head Coach – Mansfield University – Full-time

School: Mansfield University
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $10,000 stipend, graduate school tuition +Room and Board
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: PSAC

Responsibilities The Head Coach is responsible for developing and implementing the overall organization, direction, supervision and administration of an NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball Program. The Head Coach is responsible for recruiting student athletes within the rules and philosophy of both the NCAA and Mansfield University; evaluate personnel; emphasize academic priorities to student athletes; organize/conduct practices and meets; perform fundraising for the women’s basketball program and Athletics; maintain appropriate communication with students, other coaches, university staff, parents, alumni and the media; and perform related administrative tasks and additional duties as assigned.

Link: https://mansfield.hiretouch.com/default.cfm?page=job&job…
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