Head Coach – Illinois Central College – Full-time

School: Illinois Central College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: Competitive compensation is commensurate with experience and qualifications
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: GSAC

Coordinate all aspects of the women’s basketball program including practices, conditioning, competition, scouting, recruitment, scheduling and fundraising; schedule and coordinate all home women’s basketball events and tournaments; develop and process all budget related expenditures and transactions for women’s basketball; oversee and directly participate in recruiting activities within NJCAA and ICC guidelines and expectations to encourage the best student athletes to choose ICC; provide personal support for student athletes as needed; assist in scheduling basketball games, officials and personnel necessary for games; represent the basketball program to prospective athletes, high schools, other colleges and to appropriate athletic associations; direct and coach basketball tournaments and camps as required; establish and maintain a viable relationship with area media to promote Cougar Women’s basketball; supervise assistant basketball coaches; consult with the Athletic Director to evaluate the overall program progress. Comply with NJCAA bylaws; coordinate registration, personnel hiring, brochure development/mailing and purchase requisitions for women’s summer basketball camps; assist in developing athletic budgets and monitoring expenditures, particularly for the women’s basketball program; coordinate publicity regarding women’s basketball programs and activities; assist in the administration of the Athlete Monitoring Program with the basketball student athletes; perform related duties as required. May be assigned to one or multiple duties to include work in the Fitness Center, Physical Education, Athletics, or other academic or support office on the ICC campus. Fitness Center duties may include scheduling staff, conducting participant orientations, maintaining equipment and/or inventory, assisting with wellness programs. Adjunct faculty duties may include teaching physical education activity or academic courses or within another academic area using various modes (in person, online, combination). Athletic department duties may include assistance with special events such as ICC golf outing, various athletic tournaments and/or coordination of the student athlete advisory group.

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