Head Coach – Finger Lakes CC

School: Finger Lakes CC
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $40,000 - $45,000
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: MSAC

A. Responsible for administering all aspects of the program under his/her charge including coaching, promoting, making team travel arrangements, requisitioning and maintaining equipment, supervising assistants, monitoring of study hall/tutoring hours, and fulfilling other duties as they arise or as assigned.
B. Responsible for the recruitment of student athletes in full compliance with the NJCAA and college policies. Responsible for presenting an honest review of the educational program at the college as well as the athletic program.
C. Responsible for the monitoring of academic progress of our student-athletes.

D. Responsible for being thoroughly familiar with and complying with all College, Department, Regional, and NJCAA and MSAC policies, and disseminate such information to assistants and students.
E. Responsible for providing instruction and training necessary to create skills, techniques, and physical conditioning sufficient to enable each participant to compete safely and competently. Must exhibit a high level of expertise in his or her sport and to seek self-improvement by attending clinics, workshops, and other related developmental programs. He/she must stay informed on current trends and strategies.
F. Responsible for providing on-site supervision during all practices and matches including locker room supervision.
G. Responsible for adhering to the guidelines, policy/procedures in the department policy manual.
H. Responsible for treating the academic achievement and requirements necessary for progress toward a degree as a matter of the highest priority for the student-athlete.

I. Responsible for assisting the Director of Athletics, and taking an active part in all Athletic Director approved department fund-raising/promotion projects.
J. Responsible for representing the College on the highest professional level with dignity, integrity, and strength of character and to exhibit ethical behavior. He/she will earn and sustain the goodwill of the various publics, such as the community, alumni, and the media.
K. Responsible for treating coaches, officials, students, and colleagues with respect and dignity. Relationships exhibit no racist, sexist, or other discriminating behaviors.
L. Works collaboratively with all athletic support staff, as well as admissions, financial aid, and all other student services by providing information and meeting at scheduled times with them.
M. Responsible for, at the conclusion of the sport season, providing the Director of Athletics with a yearend report.

N. Provides valuable input into the budgeting process and administrates team budget responsibly and effectively.
O. Supportive of overall program; is on board with the direction of program and is receptive and collegial.
P. Responsible for other duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics.

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