Head Coach – Chestnut Hill College – Full-time

School: Chestnut Hill College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: annual stipend and graduate tuition waiver
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: CACC

The Head Coach is charged with the responsibility of managing and directing all aspects of a NCAA Division II intercollegiate program. In addition, the position is responsible for assisting with the daily operations of the athletic laundry facility, equipment issues and retrieval to each athletic team at the beginning and end of each respective season, and oversees all aspects of the equipment purchasing.
Manage and direct all aspects of the daily operations of a NCAA Division II intercollegiate program, including but not limited to:
Assign duties and responsibilities to assistant coach(es)
Comply with all College, Department, CACC and NCAA policies, and disseminate such information to assistant coaches and student athletes.
Communicate policies, procedures, and training rules to all team members.
Work with the Associate Athletic Director in scheduling independent games.
In concert with the Admissions and Athletic Departments, recruit and contact prospective student athletes to the women’s basketball program.
Responsible for the academic achievement and progress toward degree completion for student athletes, including maintaining awareness of class and final examination schedules when scheduling practice and game competition.
Responsible for the conduct of student athletes and other involved students at practices, games, bus rides, other schools, etc.
Responsible for awards presentations during the annual awards program, including the involvement of the entire coaching staff.
In conjunction with the Associate Director of Athletics, plan, organize and oversee all aspects of equipment distribution of the College’s 20 collegiate teams. Ensure student athletes are assigned athletic gear, and complete and sign the equipment distribution contract.
Plan, organize, and oversee all aspects of equipment purchasing activities for the College’s intercollegiate athletic teams. When necessary, research and analyze vendors, prepare bids and negotiate contracts suitable for the College.
Manage the processing, checking, verify and inventory of shipments received for all college athletic room equipment. Ensure storage rooms and areas are organized and maintained.
Supervise and train the part-time Equipment Manager for the College’s Sprint Football program.
Maintain inventory of player equipment and uniforms and make recommendations for expenditures as needed for upcoming seasons.
Place holds on student athlete accounts when equipment is returned last, items are lost, or gear damaged beyond repair.
Develop a laundry schedule to collect, clean, and redistribute practice and competition gear. Hire and oversee federal student workers to assist on a daily basis.
Promote unity and collegiality within the coaching staff and the Athletic Department.
Attend institutional sponsored drug and alcohol awareness programs.

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