Head Coach – Chaffey College – Full-time

School: Chaffey College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $6,775/mo, progresses over time to $9,080/mo
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: Foothills Conference

Under the direction of the Dean, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Athletics and the Athletic Director, coordinate all functions related to the college’s basketball program. The incumbent shall perform all job-related activities directly involving the specific area of responsibility. These shall include, but not be limited to, all such responsibilities listed in the position description and all other duties assigned. Exercise independent decision making within the scope of responsibilities.
A. Recruiting Organize and execute an aggressive recruiting program of local or regional district high school student-athletes. Recruit students who have a legitimate chance of succeeding academically and socially at the college level. Actively participate and support high school visitations; individual contacts with the athlete and her parents; home visits; follow-up correspondence and telephone contact; campus visits by athlete; articulate recruiting activities with interested four-year coaches; help find part-time and summer jobs for student-athletes; write newsletters to all prospects informing them of registration procedures, admission testing.
B. Contact with Four-Year Schools and Professionals Contact four-year coaches about present student-athletes who have a desire to attend their institution. Respond to letters and questionnaires from four-year schools and professional teams that request information about our student-athletes. Encourage four-year coaches to visit our campus to recruit our student-athletes.
C. Public Relations Supply information and assistance in the preparation of a media guide; assist in the make-up of the game program; speak at high school banquets and clubs when invited; attend and speak at booster club meetings. Respond to emails, telephone and personal interviews with the media. Manage social media.
D. Athlete Personnel Problems Counsel student-athletes concerning grades, finances, school plans, and schedules. Discuss and assist with personal problems of players. In conjunction with the academic counselor, the basketball coach will oversee academic performance of student-athletes. Monitor weekly, quarterly, and yearly academic progress of student-athletes. Provide encouragement and support to student-athletes, administer appropriate discipline, and, if necessary, dismiss players for misconduct.
E. Travel Submit requests for transportation; assist the athletic director and department staff in arranging for meals and lodging for trips in a timely manner. Prepare trip itinerary for players; complete trip vouchers and forms and return from trips in a timely manner.
F. Purchasing Inventories Prepare budget for basketball program; assist equipment person with inventory. Manage budget.
G. Professional Growth Attend staff meetings and conference and state coaches’ meetings. Attend coaching clinics. Keep abreast of current literature in the field. Maintain membership and participate in meetings at the local, state, and national coaches associations.

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