Head Coach – AIB College of Business

School: AIB College of Business
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $40,000 - $45,000
Organization: NAIA
Level: Division III
Conference: Midwest Collegiate Conference

Purpose: Responsible to the Director of Athletics for the overall management and leadership of the women’s intercollegiate basketball program that is highly competitive and follow the standards/guidelines of the Midwest Collegiate Conference and the NAIA. Responsible to the department head for duties other than coaching
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Coaching: Develop and maintain a highly competitive intercollegiate women’s basketball program .Develop and execute effective practice plans and schedules, ensuring the development of all athletes participating in the program to their full potential. Organize a competitive schedule that will contribute to the development of players and help to build a loyal fan base. Manage all training activities to ensure proper preparation. Maintain a high level of professionalism. Continue to develop professionally as a coach and advocate for the school and our student athletes. Supervise and coordinate assistant coaches and other support staff members in an effective and productive manner.
Recruiting: Recruit academically qualified prospective student-athletes that will contribute and support a successful athletic program and represent the College’s commitment to athletic and academic success and NAIA’s Champions of Character Program. All recruiting efforts are to be conducted in compliance with NAIA rules and regulations. Establish and maintain positive relationships and effective communication with high school coaches and programs. Organize and develop Basketball skill camps.
Retention: Create and maintain an environment of academic success for student athletes participating in Women’s Basketball. Monitor student-athlete academic performance and implement team, athletic department, and College measures to support their academic performance. Promote the development of responsible character and behavior among students who are accepted into the program. Serve as a point of contact for faculty, student life, administration and parents.
Budget and Compliance: Actively and effectively manage athletic budget, including transportation and logistics related to competition and practice. Maintain inventory and condition of all athletic uniforms and equipment. Ensure program is in compliance with all NAIA rules and procedures as well as the rules and procedures of AIB. Ensures appropriate safety measures are observed when conducting team activities. Mandatory reporter under Clery Act.
Advocacy for Excellence: Support the mission and goals of the College by advocating for student success in all aspects of campus life. Assist administration and staff in the promotion of the College. Coordinate with marketing, communications and SID to promote and communicate information related to Women’s Basketball. Attend staff development sessions, coach’s meetings and professional growth opportunities. Assist in fund raising campaigns as needed/applies. Be a leader and a positive role model for our student/athletes. Actively support all AIB coaches and programs. Work cooperatively with faculty members, the director of admission and staff, alumni and development office personnel, the sports information director, all student support services, and all athletic department personnel.

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