Graduate Assistant – University of Jamestown

School: University of Jamestown
Position: Graduate Assistant
Position Type: null
Organization: NAIA
Level: null


Graduate Assistant Coach Duties


  • Free graduate classes (2 year track)
  • On-campus meal plan
  • Fundraising availability through camps, etc.

JV Head Coach

  • Lead JV practices
  • JV travel logistics & transportation
  • Game coaching

Skill Development

  • Create individual player improvement plans
  • Lead individual/small group court workouts

Scouting Reports

  • Complete ½ of season scouts- personnel, keys to success, opponent sets and film edits
  • Completed for staff scout meeting 2 days before game
  • Game reviews- stat breakdown, lineup advantages, film edit for team review

Administrative Duties

  • Program Organization
  • Assigned duties


  • Court/Equip prep
  • Communicate individual areas of focus to players
  • Actively connect with players
  • Be an encourager & communicator


  • Talent evaluation
  • Identify recruits to add to database- awards lists, aau, emails
  • Follow-up on interest forms and emails
  • Create visit details/schedules- 2 days prior
  • Weekly contacts with assigned recruits
  • Administrative organization


  • Assist with camp organization
  • Execute Camp duties during event

Other duties as assigned

Applicant Information:

Interested applicants, please send resume, cover letter and 3 references to:

Thad Sankey

University of Jamestown Women’s Basketball

[email protected]

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