Graduate Assistant – Oklahoma Christian University

School: Oklahoma Christian University
Position: Graduate Assistant
Position Type: null
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: Lonestar
Oklahoma Christian is seeking applicants for the position of women’s basketball graduate assistant.Qualified candidates will contribute to the development of a highly competitive and good team culture that emphasizes high-quality connections with fellow coaches and players. The GA will work with the head coach and assistant coach to develop practice plans, instruct on the field, and support the head coach with strategic and personnel choices during games. Assist with scouting and recruiting. Other responsibilities as assigned
Assisting with summer camps will provide the chance to organize and prepare other coaches, teach big groups of players, and practice effective leadership skills.
Required Qualifications:
•Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
•Bachelor’s degree and acceptance into a Master’s program at Oklahoma Christian University
This position length is determined by program of study
Applicant Information:
Please contact Assistant Coach Chris Garcia with resume and references.
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