Graduate Assistant – Mount Marty University

School: Mount Marty University
Position: Graduate Assistant
Position Type: null
Organization: NAIA
Level: null

To be considered for this position, you must be accepted into the Mount Marty University Masters of Education Coaching Leadership Program. In order to be considered for the Masters Program, you must have a 2.75 GPA, three letters of reference from a supervisor, coach, professor/colleague, and a 1-2 page essay explaining your purpose, goals, and commitment to this coaching program.


Please email Todd Schlimgen with required information, a resume, and cover letter: [email protected]


The timeline for filling this job is:

  • Applications will be taken until the job is filled.
  • Interviews will begin as soon as qualified applicants are identified, and continue until a hiring decision is made.
  • Job is to be filled as soon as possible.
  • Job begins August 2021. A specific date can be identified with the selected candidate

JOB’S TITLE: Graduate Assistant Basketball Coach


MAJOR OFFICE RESPONSIBILITIES:  Athletics is responsible for operations of all athletics teams, meeting the requirements of National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) regulations. Mount Marty University Athletic Department, in accordance with the mission of the college, seeks to provide all students a variety of experiences which will promote and exemplify excellence in sportsmanship and athletic performance, enhance their education, prepare them for service to the human community, and provide a unique view of the college. The Athletic Department strives to provide the following services to the student-athlete: Enhance their education and educational opportunities. Develop character building. Positive and enjoyable experience. Appreciate giving back to the community through service. The Athletic Department strives to provide the following services to the college: Assist in the recruitment of new students. Assist in the fund raising efforts of the college. Assist in the visibility and public relations efforts of the college.

JOB’S DEPARTMENT:  Basketball JOB’S DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: The mission of Mount Marty Basketball is to provide student-athletes with an extra-curricular activity that enhances their experience as a student.  Our program will be player centered.  In order to provide that our staff must be willing to work with students from diverse backgrounds and have the ability to cultivate relationships with the players.

JOB’S DIRECT SUPERVISOR:  Todd Schlimgen, Head Basketball Coach

DATE JOB LAST REVIEWED OR ANALYZED: (January 1, 2021)    REVISED BY:  (Chris Kassin AD, Chuck Iverson Assistant AD)





JOB’S SALARY OR SALARY RANGE AND BENEFITS: Candidate will receive a 2/3 tuition waiver from Mount Marty’s Master of Education in Coaching Leadership Program and $1,000 academic stipend.  Additional income opportunities will be available during the off-season.

JOB’S SUMMARY:  The job is responsible for teaching the knowledge and skills required of student-athletes in the basketball program.  The candidate will be the Head Junior Varsity (JV) Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach.  JV will conduct separate conditioning, strength training, practices, and competitions that will be the primary responsibility of this candidate.  Candidate will attend all varsity practices and competitions that do not interfere with JV schedule.  Additionally, the candidate may have a student assistant to mentor.


JOB WORKS WITH:  Primarily, the other basketball coaching staff, basketball student-athletes, and all members of the athletic department.  There will also be job responsibilities that require communication with the offices of student life, admissions, financial, food service, and transportation.


JOBS PHYSICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Office, weight room, and on court




JOB’S WORK SCHEDULE:  Part-time schedule (coordinate with coach Todd Schlimgen regarding specific hours per week), arranged around GA’s class schedule, practices, recruiting, and staff meetings.  Off-season requirements are very flexible.


JOB’S TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:  Significant travel for recruiting, as well as with the team for road games.

JOB’S ESSENTIAL DUTIES:  As a Graduate Assistant at Mount Marty University, you will have many duties that will aspects of coaching at the collegiate level. You will have duties assigned to you by the Head Coach, which will include, but are not limited to: Practice, Games, Recruiting, Fundraising, Strength Training, Conditioning, Team Travel, Community Service, Laundry, and Individual workouts based on experience and knowledge. There will be other expectations and opportunities to work inside the Athletic Department alongside the Sports Information Director and Athletic Director.



  • MINIMUM REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree with qualifications (i.e., minimum 2.75 GPA) for admission to the MED program.



  • MINIMUM REQUIRED: NAIA Champions of Character Character-Driven Coaches online course (must be completed within 60 days of employment); Valid driver’s license.



  • MINIMUM REQUIRED: Playing or coaching experience
  • PREFERRED: We are searching for an individual who is looking to get into coaching and wants to receive their master’s degree. Both experiences will aim to enhance their coaching resume. The selected candidate should expect significant responsibilities.




  • MINIMUM REQUIRED: We are looking for a candidate whose values fit alongside Mount Marty’s mission and core values. Demonstrates teamwork and team building skills. Demonstrates priority setting and organizational skills.


Notice of Special Job or Employment Requirements:

The position will require significant morning, evening, and weekend hours in addition to requirements over holidays and during dates/hours campus operations are closed.


Applicant Information:

Email resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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