Graduate Assistant – Carroll University – Full-time

School: Carroll University
Position: Graduate Assistant
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: annual stipend and graduate tuition waiver
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Midwest Conference

This position is designed to give the qualified candidate hands on experience with all facets of an intercollegiate basketball program. This is a two year position with the expectation of successful graduation from Carroll University with a Master’s Degree.
Responsibilities: •Assist head and assistant women’s basketball coaches in practice sessions and game preparation •Recruiting coordinator for new students/athletes for the women’s basketball program •Assist strength and conditioning coordinator with implementation of program •Follow all rules and guidelines set forth by all Carroll University, health science department, the Midwest Conference, the NCAA, and athletic program policies and procedures including the Athletic Personnel Code of Conduct •Perform other duties as assigned
Education and/or Experience: •Bachelor’s degree required •Previous experience in coaching (preferred) •Participation in a college level basketball program
Qualifications: •Maintain full time status in an eligible Carroll University graduate program (tuition is fully waived for all graduate programs except for Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant) •Additional approval is required for entrance in graduate programs outside of Education

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