Director of Women’s Basketball Operations – Abilene Christian University

School: Abilene Christian University
Position: Director of Basketball Operations
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I

ACU is affiliated with the fellowship of the Church of Christ. All applicants must be professing Christians and willing to support the Christian mission and purpose of Abilene Christian University while employed by the university.

Department: Athletics

Employee Class: Exempt Full-time

Basic Responsibilities

  1. Administrative Duties
  2. Travel Coordinator
  3. Compliance Coordinator
  4. Campus Visit Coordinator
  5. Transcript Review
  6. Summer Camp Coordinator
  7. Special Events and Community Service
  8. Responsible for understanding NCAA rules for yourself and your student-athletes
  9. Other duties as directed by Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Essential Duties

  1. Administrative Duties
    1. Run Social Media Accounts
    2. Assist in putting together recruiting mailouts and graphics
    3. Have knowledge with Photoshop and/or other editing software
    4. Facilitate Teamworks
  2. Travel Coordinator
    1. Coordinate team travel w/ the Head Coach
    2. Reserve hotels, purchase flights, reserve buses and other transportation
    3. Secure practice times on the road
    4. Put together travel itinerary for staff and players
    5. Handle all money and expenditures on team trips
    6. Create pre order process for all team meals
    7. Coordinate and purchase pre-game meals for home games
    8. Work closely with appropriate athletic staff on purchasing and travel
    9. Maintain travel expense spreadsheet for head coach and Chris Ballard
    10. Create travel squad pass list for away and home games
  3. Compliance Coordinator
    1. Make sure all forms are filled out in Arms in regards to compliance
    2. Maintain practice logs
    3. Set up monthly meetings with compliance staff
    4. Make sure coaching staff is up to date on any rules changes
  4. Campus Visit Coordinator
    1.  Schedule on campus tours and professor/advisor meetings
    2. Ensure reserved parking and lanyards for all campus visits
    3. Secure hotel rooms and make reservations for meals and entertainment
    4. Reserve golf cart(s) for visits
    5. Coordinate with the recruiting coordinator on itinerary and email to recruits in a timely manner.
  5. Transcript Review
    1. Understand how to evaluate transcripts prior to submitting for approval
    2. Submit recruits’ transcripts through proper channels for academic review
  6. Summer Camp Coordinator
    1. Reserve dates for next year’s camps
    2. Organize and build camp schedules
    3. Market and promote all camps
    4. Run and fill out all expense sheets for camps
  7. Special Events and Community Service
    1.  Plan and organize all team community service projects
    2. Assist to organize all special events on campus for other sporting events, banquets, photo shoots, tailgates, alumni day event
  8. Responsible for understanding NCAA rules for yourself and your student-athletes
    1. Compliance with NCAA rules is of the utmost importance at Abilene Christian University. As a member of the athletics department staff, it is expected that you will have a full understanding of the NCAA rules that pertain to your position. It is also expected that you will comply with all NCAA rules, and if you become aware, or have reasonable cause to believe, that a violation of a rule has occurred, you will immediately report it to the Director of Athletics or his/her designee
  9. Other duties as directed by Head Men’s Basketball Coach
    1. All other duties assigned.

Professional Development Requirements

  1. Skills
    1. Adept interpersonal and communication skills
    2. Strong organizational skills
    3. Excellent knowledge of basketball
  2. Training Modules Required
    1. Basketball clinics and seminars
    2. Leadership, management, and decision-making workshops


Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

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