Director of Operations – The University of Mississippi – Full-time

School: The University of Mississippi
Position: Director of Operations
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: This is a 12-month, full time position
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: SEC

Keeps coaches informed of rules and regulations; communicates with other institutions regarding delivery and receipt of game film; utilizes video/audio equipment to videotape games of opponents; coordinates team travel, including transportation arrangements, lodging, and meals; ensures luggage and equipment meets federal aviation requirements; coordinates practice times at sites when traveling; schedules practice and shoot around times and oversees the preparation of the practice floor; assists with the development of regular season game schedule including dates and times; serves as liaison between student athlete, tutors, and counselors. Informs students of their individual tutoring/counseling session; meets with Academic services staff on a regular basis to ensure student athletes are meeting the satisfactory progress and degree completion requirements; coordinates and organizes summer camps and clinics; promotes sports camps as appropriate; assists with budget development and monitors expenditures; meets with head coach on a regular basis; hires, supervises, and monitors the performance of student managers; represents the basketball program at functions and events as necessary.

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