Basketball Instructors – Camp Chipinaw

School: Camp Chipinaw
Position: Basketball Instructors
Position Type: null
Level: null

Are you ready to make a lifelong impact on campers’ lives, while gaining real world experience? We take great pride in providing an unbelievable summer for hundreds of campers every year. With over 60 different specialty areas at camp, we are looking to hire highly skilled individuals to be teachers and coaches in those areas. Each specialist will work in their area 5 hours a day, teaching campers ranging in ages 8-15. Specialist will make lesson plans, create fun projects, practice schedules, and anything else to keep their area innovative and fresh. The rest of the day is spent as a bunk counselor which comes with additional responsibilities.

Our Basketball instructors will help run our instructional classes, our basketball leagues, and we may also participate in inter-camps and tournaments where our instructors help coach and referee.
2022 Dates: June 16th – August 14th 

Salary: $2,400- $3,000 + Room & Board, Meals, and a Travel Stipend

WORK WITH AN INDUSTRY LEADER: Camp Chipinaw was founded in 1926 and then in 2004 Silver Lake was opened to offer a half summer option to our families. Both Camp Chipinaw and Silver Lake were once again named one of the top summer camps in the US. We pride ourselves on hiring exceptional staff from not only the states but all around the world. With over 400 staff members, from over 20 different countries, you will be able to set up a professional network unlike anywhere else.

EXPERIENCE YOU WILL GAIN: Unlike other internships, you will be able to gain real world experience every day in problem solving, inter & intra-personal skills, and instructing. We have a weeklong orientation to prepare you to be fully immersed into camp life for 7 weeks. When not in your specialty area you will be a bunk counselor. Each bunk will have 7-10 campers and 2-3 staff members. Your responsibilities include, getting the campers up in the morning, maintain the bunk, staying on top of their personal hygiene, eating meals with them family style, and most importantly playing camp and having fun with them every day!

QUALIFICATIONS: We are looking for individuals who are extremely skilled and passionate in one area. To be considered for a specialty area you must have prior experience teaching or coaching. If it is an area you “like” or “use to play” then it’s not going to be the right fit.

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