Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – University of the Pacific

School: University of the Pacific
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I

Assistant Coach for Women’s basketball.

Essential Functions:

  • Develop defensive strategies, evaluate athletes skills, and use data analytics to train players.
  • Plan practices, help facilitate practices, and prepare gym.
  • Inform players of NCAA regulations.
  • Prepare scouts for games (game plans), lead scout day practices, and use data from JustPlay, Synergy, and elsewhere to improve scouts during the season.
  • Plan strategies to win games based on data analytics.
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of opponent teams by analyzing their statistics. Determine the teams strengths and weaknesses by creating strategies based on analytics and game film watched.
  • Work one-on-one with players to help them develop their skills.
  • Use data analytics to train players more efficiently while focusing on improving their data-determined weaknesses and enhancing their strengths.
  • Plan and implement position-specific post/forward development.
  • Work with graduate student interns from the sports analytics department on developing sports analytics for basketball.
  • Help student interns learn and understand the fundamentals of data analytics while applying all the materials learned to our womens basketball team analytics.
  • Allocate the budget for expenses and income by using data (financial) analytics.
  • Track, organize gear inventory, and prepare annual team budget statement.
  • Evaluate and recruit prospective players.
  • Travel for recruiting purposes and to competitions in the U.S.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in Human Biodynamics, Sports Education/Management, Business Administration with a concentration in Coaching or a related field plus at least two years of basketball coaching experience.
  • Will accept equivalent degree (including foreign equivalent degree) based on education, training, and/or experience.
  • Must have at least one years experience in developing defensive strategies, evaluating athletes skills, using data analytics to train players.
  • Must have knowledge of NCAA regulations as demonstrated through prior work experience or any other form of exposure to the NCAA regulations.
Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

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