Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – Thomas University

School: Thomas University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: NAIA
Level: null

The Athletic Assistant program is designed to provide support in particular areas within the Thomas  University Athletic program. The Athletic Assistant will be responsible for many of the aspects of the  program in which they work. Athletic Assistants will be expected to provide support to their supervisor and have myriad responsibly for many aspects of the program as determined by their supervisor.

Reports to:

The supervisor of a particular area within the sports program (e.g. Head Coach, Head Athletic Trainer,  Head Fitness Trainer, Sports Information Director)


∙ Bachelor’s degree required

∙ Possess high-energy

∙ Strong communication and leadership skills

∙ Possess a strong work ethic

∙ Ability to maintain confidential information

∙ Experience and operational knowledge of the program in which they are working  ∙ Ability to balance multiple projects and changing priorities

∙ Ability to work in a complex team environment to accomplish department goals and objectives ∙ Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs

Key Responsibilities: 

∙ Understand the importance of providing a positive first impression

∙ Demonstrate a strong commitment to excellent customer service

∙ Coordinate with faculty and staff “early dismissals” for students needing to leave school to  attend athletic events

∙ Assist others within the department and throughout the university as necessary upon request ∙ Maintain a “solution conscious” attitude when faced with challenges

∙ Assist training staff assuring athletes report to their respective trainers as needed and assist  with medical clearance forms for the athletes

∙ Ensure that accident reports are completed and directed to appropriate personnel ∙ Follow/complete detailed verbal and written instructions within specified timeframes ∙ Perform assigned duties efficiently and accurately

∙ Assist when needed with strength & conditioning sessions

∙ Assist in fundraising

∙ Perform duties as assigned for practices, training sessions, and game-day preparations

Compensation: All compensation listed below is reported to the Athletic Assistant for tax purposes ∙ Graduate Tuition remission (applicable only towards tuition charges and courses leading to  degree)

∙ Cash stipend

∙ Housing (provided and paid for by the university and applicable only to the athletic assistant)

Applicant Information:

e-mail  resume, cover letter, and list of three references as one document to [email protected]

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