Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – Seton Hall University

School: Seton Hall University
Position: Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Big East

The primary purpose of this position is to assist the head coach in the organization, development, and planning of the basketball program. This position must assist in all aspects of practice-planning/floor responsibilities and there is a primary emphasis on recruiting. This position requires the assessment of student-athlete’s ability to compete academically and athletically. The assistant coach is responsible for the concerns and welfare of their student athletes both on and off the field of competition. This includes monitoring the academic performance and furthering the success of the team in meeting academic and eligibility criteria set forth by the university and the NCAA. The assistant coach is responsible for the safety, behavior and appearance of the student-athletes and managers under his/her direction while representing the university. This includes all facets of daily interaction with academic, resident and student life communities as well as all entities involved in travel and competition for away contests.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Design, conduct and monitor countable athletically-related activities per NCAA playing and practice regulations and department policy, including declaring the practice season, reporting weekly countable athletically-related activities, adhering to sport-specific rules regarding voluntary activities and sport-specific safety exceptions.
2. Evaluate student-athletes to identify strengths and deficiencies, and design instructional opportunities to improve technical and strategic execution.
3. Collaborate with the Head Coach to incorporate position specific learning opportunities into daily practice design. Communicate with all members of the program’s coaching staff regarding the progress and training activities of the specific group of student-athletes that coach is charged with overseeing.
4. Assist in planning, conducting and supervising all practice and conditioning sessions, as is deemed appropriate.
5. Provide leadership during instructional sessions, utilize given discretion in guiding students through the learning experience via a variety of teaching strategies, and alter skills as need to facilitate program needs.
6. Collaborate with the Head Coach, certified Athletic Trainers, and Strength and Conditioning Coach to design both academic year (in-season and out-of-season) and summer conditioning programs, encompassing recognized and approved methods of improving power, speed, strength and aerobic performance, consistent with industry safety and health standards.

1. As an NCAA certified recruiter, successfully research, scout, evaluate and contact prospective student-athletes while operating within the scope of the department, Big East Conference and NCAA regulations at all times.
2. As an on-campus recruiter, collaborate with other department and university staff in designing official and unofficial visits in compliance with all university, Big East Conference and NCAA regulations.
3. As a recruiter, assist other department staff by regularly defining personal responsibilities for recruitment-related correspondence, telephone calls, academic evaluations, athletic evaluations, off-campus contacts, home visits and database maintenance per department, university, Big East Conference and NCAA regulations.
4. Coordinate mailing of recruitment materials to prospective student-athletes, ensuring the maintenance of a computerized master recruit database.
5. Oversee the negotiation of scholarship offers to prospective student-athletes, ensuring that any commitments fit within the total number of available scholarships.
6. Establish and develop relationships with appropriate high school and junior college officials, amateur club coaches, and coaches within the sport’s national governing body for public relations purposes, thus positioning the university nationally.

1. Provide valuable input in developing and monitoring the program budget relative to position’s primary responsibilities, such as recruitment, team travel, or equipment and apparel.
2. Assist in monitoring the academic progress and eligibility status of student-athletes, including class attendance and structured study.
3. Supervise and assign responsibilities to team manager(s), video staff and graduate assistant(s), when applicable.
4. Assist with the development of schedules for practice and competition, as assigned. Interface with appropriate departmental administrators to manage site assignments, visiting team practices, reservations for alternative facilities (e.g. classrooms, meeting rooms) pre-and-post events, hospitality room and cancelled practices.
5. Assist in or manage coordinating team travel arrangements. Arrangements shall include development of itineraries, reservations for transportation (ground and air), lodging, per diem, meals, practice facilities, meeting rooms and entertainment. Monitor expenditures and cash disbursements for compliance with university, departmental, and NCAA policies. Manage travel party per conference regulations.
6. Assist in or manage the purchase of apparel and/or specialized equipment. Work with vendors in accordance with university protocol. Consult with the equipment manager on matters of inventory, purchase and delivery. Coordinate with the equipment manager to ensure the issuance of the necessary equipment and apparel for scheduled practices and competitive events.

Public Relations and Fundraising
1. Participate in public relations activities, as approved, to include granting interviews with newspaper, radio and television media, attending press conferences and making public appearances. Consult with assigned Media Services staff regarding game preparations.
2. Represent the department at professional, civic, charitable and alumni events. Consult with Compliance office staff to evaluate each request to ensure compliance with NCAA regulations.
3. Assist with or oversee the planning, coordination and execution of approved fundraising activities

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree
1-3 years of basketball coaching and/or recruiting experience

Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

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