Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach/Professor – New Mexico Junior College

School: New Mexico Junior College
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NJCAA
Level: null

The Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach/Professor is responsible to the Director of Athletics. General duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) Assist Head Coach as he/she determines involving team workouts, team travel, recruiting, budgeting, video, practice/game preparation, scheduling, etc.; 2) Responsible for the instruction and management of the athletic techniques course and weight training courses available for the program; 3) Orientate each athlete as to grade requirements and expectations; 4) Monitor and encourage athletes to attend class and fulfill degree requirements; 5) Supervise Study Hall; 6) Arrange for tutors in Learning Lab; 7) Periodic grade checks; 8) Assist in dorm supervision and dining hall when needed, providing there is no conflict with athletic activities; 9) Follow and abide by NJCAA and WJCAC rules, guidelines, and/or policies; 9) Performs other duties as assigned or required; 10) Achieve and maintain a high level of competency as a teacher of students, demonstrating growth in the knowledge of his/her particular subject matter field(s) and in the ability to direct the learning processes; 11) Work for the general improvement of the overall instructional program-including recommending needed additions to the library and instructional resources; 12) Participate in a process of continual personal and professional improvement; 13) Actively participate in the intuitional goals and objectives designed to support the mission of the college; 13) Advise students and be available for student’s conferences at scheduled times during the college day; 14) Each professor is expected to post approved office hours for student conferences and to make these times known to students; 14) Participate in college service through standing committees, sponsoring and helping student groups manage their extra-curricular activities, and involvement in other related college organizations and activities; 15) Follow all policies and procedures of NMJC as published by the Faculty Handbook, college catalog, and current contract; and, 16) Nothing contained herein shall limit the President in assigning the employee to any of the various college activities for which he/she would be qualified in order to meet the needs of New Mexico Junior College.

Applicant Information:

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