Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – Montreat College

School: Montreat College
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NAIA
Level: null

The Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach will assist in all aspects of a competitive women’s basketball program and is responsible for, but not limited to: the integration of Christian faith, and the recruitment, retention and academic success of student-athletes.  Priority will be given to candidates with experience in college basketball and recruiting; strong people skills; Experience in player development and strength and conditioning is preferred. A basic understanding of film break down and synergy software is essential to this position. In addition to coaching, this position requires assistance in multiple aspects of team management, including budgeting, facilities management, academic support, and retention of quality student athletes. This position will be responsible to maintain compliance with all Montreat College, Appalachian Athletic Conference, and NAIA bylaws.


  1. Assist the head coach with recruiting efforts for women’s basketball program; recruiting student athletes for the athletic team who will represent the mission of Montreat College.
  2. Assist in the developing, implementing and evaluating game plan and strategies.
  3. Plan comprehensive training plans for student-athletes.
  4. Assist in operational procedures including scheduling, travel, budget management, and statistics.
  5. Attend departmental meetings upon request.
  6. Be familiar with and adhere to departmental policies and procedures as well as NAIA and AAC bylaws.
  7. Participate in the college and departmental activities as needed.
  8. Assist in driving team vans/mini-buses to and from team functions/games.
  9. Be responsible for the conduct of athletes, both on and off the court.
  10. Responsible for leading and coaching the women’s basketball developmental team.
  11. Actively participate with all athletic fundraising programs as needed.
  12. Communicate the needs and maintenance of facilities and equipment to the head coach.
  13. Assist with travel and facilities management for the women’s basketball program.
  14. Knowledge and understanding of promoting the women’s basketball program through social media
  15. Other duties as assigned by the head coach and/or athletic director.
  16. Run individual and group practices as needed.


  • Essential Job Functions 
    1. Excellent writing skills
  • Excellent oral communication and relationship skills
  • Excellent recruiting skills to meet annual roster expectations
  • Efficiency in computer applications (Microsoft Office, Excel, Synergy, HUDL, social media, etc.)
  • Ability to read, understand, and apply instructions
  • Hear and understand telephone conversations
  • Ability to coordinate different tasks simultaneously
  • Move about the campus freely (including all facilities)
  • Working knowledge of game/facility preparation
  • Ability to multi-task

  • Leadership Qualities
  1. Work closely with the Admissions and Financial Aid office.
  2. Articulate a clear vision for the women’s basketball program
  3. Set goals and objectives based on the needs and capabilities of the population served
  4. Articulate and promote student learning and development in the following areas:
    1. Spiritually
    2. Academically
    3. Character
    4. Athletic Excellence
  5. Prescribe and practice ethical behavior
  6. Where appropriate, recruit, select, supervise, and develop others in the organization
  7. Manage financial resources
  8. Plan, budget for, and evaluate personnel and programs



A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution is required. Must support and affirm the College’s faith statement and Community Life Covenant:



The Assistant Coach reports to the Head Coach and Athletic Director.

Applicant Information:
  1. Please email the following materials to Head Coach Josh Thompson: [email protected]
    Complete Montreat College job application

  1. Professional cover letter
  1. Statement of Christian faith
  2. Resume with three references
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