Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – Midland College

School: Midland College
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NJCAA
Level: null
Assist the head coach with all duties and responsibilities related to the specific Midland College athletic program. Assist in game operations, including those of the other Midland College athletic teams, and other Midland College Athletics related duties as designated by the Director of Athletics.
Required Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

Must possess a valid Texas Driver License, good driving record, and be insurable on Midland College’s insurance policy

Must adhere to all policies and procedures of Midland College as it relates to working with students and College employees, as required to professionally perform the job responsibilities of this position

Willingness and ability to develop recruiting relationships and the skill to identify and effectively recruit prospective students

Knowledge in the use of various social media platforms for opportunities to positively promote the respective Midland College athletics program and/or coaching staff

Demonstrated knowledge and teaching abilities that will be used in the skill and physical development of student-athletes (both team and individual)

The ability to convey to the individual or team, necessary techniques, drill work and understanding of the sport

Ability to work within supervised guidelines and show a willingness and ability to execute work-related tasks with minimal or no direct oversight

Ability to work with people in the greater community, across the various Midland College Departments and within the Midland College Athletic Department

Ability to manage and positively motivate Midland College program participants from diverse populations

Demonstrated knowledge of NCAA, NJCAA, NJCAA Region 5 and WJCAC rules and regulations; knowledge of NAIA rules and regulations are also very helpful in the scope of the stated job duties

A willingness to work closely with the head coach to effectively and positively teach, train and develop students within the program

Strong verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to positively lead the students within the given program

Preferred Qualifications
Proven experience in teaching and coaching or player development that directly relates to the given sport, including the strength and conditioning of those athletes

Demonstrated recruiting experience and ability at the college and/or professional level(s)

Experience, certifications or degrees in areas of human movement and/or increased athletic performance (e.g., Kinesiology, Exercise Sports Science, Human Performance)

Playing experience at the college/university and/or professional level

Essential Functions
The primary job duty of an Assistant Coach is to provide quality coaching and instruction to students participating in the program; develops, implements and teaches skills related to particular athletic program

Successfully identify, recruit, coach and develop student athletes

Scout opponents, both under the direct supervision/direction of the head coach or without direct supervision/direction to teach and prepare athletes for competition

Oversee game day related tasks

Supervise student-athletes in college housing (residence halls), team lodging, dining hall on an as needed basis with knowledge of the head coach

Participate in teaching soft skills identified as goals in athletics

Monitor classroom attendance, academic performance and academic progress of members of the team; teach academic responsibility and awareness

Assist the head coach with teaching team conditioning activities, player drill work, skill development and overall player improvement in practices, during games/competitions and in the off-season

Work collaboratively and cooperatively with the head athletic trainer or designated medical professional to ensure the health and safety of all student-athletes; teach and promote healthy choices

Update NJCAA and NJCAA Region 5 websites in compliance with NJCAA, NJCAA Region 5 and WJCAC rules and by-laws including team and individual player statistics as well as schedules, rosters and other related items

Assist or spearhead, under the guidance and oversight of the head coach, all student athlete service learning activities as well as any fundraising events/activities for the program

Organize and assist with planning and executing sports specific camp activities for individual players or in a team camp setting; this includes teaching of sport related techniques

Assist in the planning of team related travel as well as any travel that is required for the program staff, team or individual members of the team with the express knowledge and approval of the head coach

Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

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