Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – McHenry County College

School: McHenry County College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NJCAA
Level: null

Attract and recruit a talented roster of participants to include a combination of high school event, practice, campus and/or home visits, using technology-based and other successful recruitment methods. Possess a sound, committed educational philosophy that includes a strong understanding of and commitment to academic, personal and athletic student success.

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities


  • Assist with the growth and expansion of current retention & success initiatives for athletes and remain within guidelines, rules, policies and procedures established by the NJCAA, Region IV, the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference, MCC and other supervisory or oversight organizations.
  • Attract/recruit a talented roster of participants to include a combination of high school event, practice, campus and/or home visits, using technology-based and other successful recruitment methods. An expectation that recruits’ academic history, character, background, ability, financial/family support, commitment etc. will be definitively known and result in a successful experience at our institution.
  • Assist with orientation of athletes to MCC and the sports program
  • Recommend talented and qualified student-athletes for tuition waivers and Letters of Intent
  • Perform safe athlete conditioning activities.
  • Retain and advance players with concentration on academic, athletic and personal growth and success
  • Scout opponents in those sports having this as a normal expectation
  • Assist students/parents with placement activities to four year colleges
  • Review all practices, facilities and conditions on a regular basis to reduce liability and potentially negative consequences
  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with various student & academic affairs areas of the college to facilitate the education & personal development of new/continuing student athletes
  • Contribute to schedule development, as directed, in cooperation with the director and/or program assistant
  • Assist with workshops and seminars on topics for the retention and success of student athletes
  • Insure that appropriate injury report paperwork and documentation is filed on athletes who become injured
  • File end of season, records, honors/awards and other related reports as directed.
  • Organize and carry out an end-of-season team recognition/social activity
  • Act as a liaison between students and faculty.
  • Develop community contacts for facilitating student referrals.
  • Attend athletic competitions
  • Make budget recommendations to the Director of Athletics
  • Participate in the study hall component to the student academic success plan
  • Coordinate the electronic teacher feedback/student monitoring system to help us get a handle on the support needs of the students during the semester and develop intervention strategies for success 
  • Gain an understanding of  athlete’s  academic history, financial aid requirements, workload and personal/family situations as appropriate
  • Develop and maintain strong and positive media relations along with the reporting of scores, prior to media deadlines, on the date of every home and away event. Seeking and/or recommending feature stories to media or college personnel
  • Contribute to regular departmental, conference, regional, and/or national: polls, requests, results reporting, web sites, statistical input, play-off rosters, team and individual photos etc.
  • Perform and/or coordinate with the program assistant, administrative travel responsibilities in a timely manner e.g. planning travel arrangements, advances, submitting expense reports with receipt documentation (within the month that the advance was used), transportation, advance travel itineraries for multi-day trips etc.
  • Follow supply and purchase request procedures to include budget requests, remain within the budget, price comparisons and using/relaying specific details when requesting initiation of a purchase order
  • Attend conference and regional seeding, all-conference and/or other like meetings, to include individual pre-season, in-season, post-season as well as at annual MCC group coaching staff meeting(s)
  • Enhance college/community relations and connectivity, oversee internal and/or external outreach and enhancement activities that may include such things as: special events, summer activities, sports leagues, tournaments, fundraisers, open gym, camps, clinics etc.
  • Additional duties as assigned by immediate supervisor



Applicant Information:

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