Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – Georgetown University

School: Georgetown University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Big east

The Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach recruits, retains, supervises, and coaches NCAA Division I student-athletes, under the guidelines of Georgetown, the BIG EAST Conference and NCAA.  They carry out duties within the stated philosophy of Georgetown athletics and its educational mission and follow all institutional, conference and NCAA rules and regulations to insure compliance.  Reporting to the Head Women’s Basketball Coach, the Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach has duties that include but are not limited to:

Create, teach and implement effective game, practice and conditioning plans for the student-athletes

  • Organize, prepare and conduct individual and team practices and training
  • Develop effective drills and strategies for player improvement
  • Monitor strength, conditioning, and speed workout programs
  • Create and administer the off-season training program
  • Collect tactical and statistical data of opponent’s teams, watch game tapes, and make phone calls to other coaches for scouting reports
  • Review, digest and analyze data and evaluations to determine strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams and players
  • Design game plans and strategies, as well as workout programs, drills, and training routines to improve athletic performance
  • Participate in coaches’ preparatory meetings and implement strategies resulting from these meetings
  • Evaluate individual student-athlete performance in both practice and competition; provide instruction in areas of deficiency, as required
  • Provide leadership and problem-solving assistance
  • Monitor the conduct of student-athletes and assist in creating and monitoring team rules and policies
  • Communicate and cooperate with the athletics training staff regarding the medical clearance, injury prevention, rehabilitation and the status of injured student-athletes
  • Assist in risk management for all team events

Recruitment of the best student-athlete within the admissions, financial and regulatory standards and policies established by the University, BIG EAST Conference, and NCAA

  • Identify and evaluate prospective student-athletes who meet appropriate academic as well as athletic profiles as set by Georgetown Admissions and the Department of Athletics
  • Identify talent by watching various games, combines, videos, and by other means on own initiative
  • Analyze and determine abilities and potential (both athletically and academically) of prospective student-athletes, and recommend or determine which prospective student-athletes should be the focus of the team’s resources and time to recruit
  • Communicate with prospects (draft letters and emails and make phone calls), and coordinate on-campus and home visits of student-athletes, including administration of travel arrangements for official and unofficial visits
  • Make recommendations with supporting documentation for athletics scholarships to the head coach
  • Conduct recruitment of student-athletes in accordance with NCAA rules
  • Develop and continually update a comprehensive recruiting database system with prospect information (including Assistant Coach’s judgment of prospective student-athletes’ abilities and potential)

Compliance with all conference, department and NCAA regulations and assist to ensure departmental compliance

  • Successfully pass NCAA recruiting test
  • Attend all compliance seminars and reviews
  • Be accountable for BIG EAST Conference and NCAA rules and regulations and submit documentation as required by the University to the Athletics Department’s compliance office
  • Attend Coaches Association meetings

Commitment to the academic success and personal development of student-athletes

  • Work to ensure the academic success of student-athletes through monitoring academic progress and class attendance
  • Counsel student-athletes regarding scheduling of classes, monitor study halls, and advise student-athletes on appropriate contracts and counseling through University Academic Resource Center
  • Advise and counsel student-athletes regarding their compliance with all rules and regulations related to financial aid and eligibility, as well as personal conduct and life skills
  • Provide support and advice for student-athletes on personal and emotional issues
  • Work to develop leadership skills, sportsmanship and ethical conduct among student-athletes
  • Work to create a team atmosphere of tolerance, teamwork, integrity and commitment
  • Attend regularly scheduled departmental staff meetings and meetings concerning student welfare
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