Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach – Furman University

School: Furman University
Position: Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: SoCon

Under the direction of the Head Coach for Women’s, the Assistant Coach should have a working knowledge of all Southern Conference and NCAA policies, rules, and regulations and adhere to these policies as they pertain to the job.

Job Description:


1. Assists the Head Coach and adheres to all Southern Conference and NCAA rules and regulations regarding recruiting by:

  • Traveling to tournaments, games and clinics to evaluate recruits.
  • Evaluating videotapes.
  • Writing and telephoning all recruits.
  • Assisting in making final decisions regarding scholarship offers.

2. Teaches areas of expertise to respective athletes.

3. Assists with all travel arrangements and insures that all proper paperwork is done.

4. Assists with purchases of equipment in the sport and provides security and care for the equipment in coordination with the equipment manager

5. Assists with Coordination of the admission process by:

  • Filling out pre-admission recruit evaluation forms and present to Admissions Office.
  • Making arrangements concerning admission visits and financial aid awards including mailing all forms, if necessary.
  • Communicating all information to potential recruits.

6. Assists with providing all reports and lists which would include: scholarship, eligibility, awards, team rosters, and NCAA Squad List.
7. Assists with submitting a proposed schedule to Director for approval. The coach should not obligate the University without approval from the Director of Athletics.
8. Assists with organizes and conducting all practices by:

  • Conducting and/or supervising the warm-up, conditioning, and cool-down phases of practice.
  • Talking with trainers before each practice to check on the status of injured players.
  • Scheduling individual practice sessions for players with specific weaknesses.
  • Scheduling video review sessions with players as needed.

9. Coordinates the video exchange program.

10. Assists with off-season player development by organizing conditioning and weight-training program in consultation with the trainers and weight coaches.
11. Performs any other duties as may be assigned by supervisor.

Continuous contact with team players to influence, motivate or persuade parties to obtain
desired results.

Daily contact with members of own work unit, immediate supervisor, members of other department, and other coaches to plan, coordinate, problem solve, present information, and make suggestions related to mutual goals.

Frequent contact with potential recruits to influence, motivate or persuade parties to obtain desired results.

Occasional contact with alumni, parents and community to exchange factual information and explanation of rules, regulations, practices or functions.

Responsibility for Final Decisions:

Tasks involve multiple procedures with interrelated processes or steps. Work involves choosing the appropriate option or procedure to follow and applying established rules and procedures.

Errors are readily detected in the normal course of work by standard check or crosscheck.

Reports To: Head Coach for Women’s Basketball.

Work is performed independently for routine work, non-routine issues or questions are referred to the supervisor.

Education/Skill Requirements:

Bachelors Degree with 1 – 2 years experience in related field.

Excellent communication and organizational skills.

Extensive knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations.

Motivation skills.

Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

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