Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball Operations – Northern Illinois University

School: Northern Illinois University
Position: Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball Operations
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I

As Director for Women’s Basketball Operations, this employee is responsible for directly leading and executing strategies, program procedures and policies as it relates to the NIU Women’s Basketball program’s daily operations.

This position is the direct contact to the department heads of Equipment Operations, Athletic Training, Academic Services and Sports Performance for all matters related to the football program including making executive decisions as it relates to the student-athlete experience and well-being within these areas.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

NCAA Compliance – 25%

  • Makes executive decisions and executes plans of action for all aspects of the women’s basketball program to include, but not limited to, the safety and conduct of the team;
    • Identify and analyze performance errors utilizing video tapes, game film and practice situations;
    • Utilize consistent and objective criteria in judging an athlete’s ability from tape and give appropriate feedback;
    • Maintaining appropriate practice, recruiting, travel, and community engagement within NCAA compliance guidelines;
    • Executes NCAA and MAC required compliance paperwork related to roster management, recruiting and eligibility.
  • Solely responsible for the oversight and execution of visiting teams and official and unofficial recruiting visits.
  • Ensures NCAA, NIU, and MAC regulation and policy compliance by all coaches, staff, student athletes, and visiting teams.
  • Analyzes, develops, and submits for final approval within Athletic Department protocol and executes direct management of women’s basketball operational budget to include decision making of all team travel as it relates to budget control and equity conformity.
  • Conducts contract negotiations and prepares financial sections of proposals for all team travel and.
  • Works cooperatively with Sport Administrator on issues requiring Administrative input or approvals based on standard operating procedures of the University or Athletic department.

Long Range Planning – 20%

  • Participates in the development and implementation of the women’s basketball program and NIU Athletics departmental objectives and long-range planning to include Strategic Plan development, policies and procedures implementation and annual review thereof, and professional development of staff.
  • Provides comprehensive reports and detailed analyses for administrative use by the Director of Athletics, Senior Associate Athletics Director, and Head Coach and is responsible for reviewing and presenting reports as it pertains to the women’s basketball program.

Administration – 15%

  • Assist in the administration of the entire sport program, as assigned; this position has specific responsibility to coordinate all non-conference scheduling for the women’s basketball program, with specific emphasis of monitoring and managing the programs national and regional competitive ranking.

Recruitment – 10%

  • Responsible for coordinating official and unofficial visits of potential recruitment of student-athletes (PSA’s).
  • Communicates with PSA’s and their families on travel arrangements and individual needs, building relationships and promoting a positive experience for both PSA’s and their families before and during their visits.
  • Makes independent judgement on individual requests as it relates to budgetary constraints and/or the loss of a PSA to the program.
  • Facilitates campus tours with PSA’s and their guests to continue lines of communication and relationship building.
  • Works with campus constituents in facilitating individual meetings with faculty and areas of interest for PSA’s.
  • Builds on campus Communiversity initiative by solidifying relationships with local vendors to be a part of official/unofficial visits.

Academic Support – 10%

  • Direct oversight and execution responsibilities of providing an overall positive educational environment for our student-athletes conducive to learning, athletic development, social growth, and preparing them for life beyond college.
  • Directly responsible for decisions on various aspects for student-athletes with multiple campus areas, including housing, admissions and financial aid and NCAA initial eligibility certifications.
  • Directly communicates, especially when Head Coach is unable to per NCAA rules, with various campus entities, both within Athletics, as well as the rest of the University and coordination of community events and community service.
  • Represents the unit and Head Coach on various internal/external committees as required of this position.

Hiring – 5%

  • Responsible for the hiring, evaluation, discipline, scheduling, and assignment of duties for operations assistants.
  • Independently recruits, hires, manages, directs, and oversees office administrative needs and assignments for graduate assistants, students, interns, and volunteers.

Safety and Conduct – 5%

  • Responsible for development, safety and conduct of the program.
  • Responsible for implementation and communication of program’s emergency response plan.

Safety and SA Well-Being – 5%

  • Oversees hotel selection and meal planning for program needs.
  • Independently determines venue safety and dependability for student-athletes and staff and ensures meals are in compliance with program nutritional plan.
  • Builds relationships with venue management and other local vendors and makes final decisions on hotel and meal acceptance based on the needs of student-athletes, student-athlete parents/families, coaching staff, and support staff.
  • Has full autonomy to make changes to best take care of the needs of student-athletes, coaching staff, support staff, administration, donors, and families, as applicable.
  • Ensures that the graduate assistant is aware and understands how to conduct these functions when the director of operations is pulled in another direction.

Game Day Events/Public Relations – 5%

  • Oversight of program game-day events, monthly community coaches show and annual program reception.
  • Includes developing marketing strategy and implementation of strategy among multiple community stakeholders.
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