Assistant Coach – Trinity Valley Community Colleg – Full-time

School: Trinity Valley Community Colleg
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: Per Faculty 10 Month TVCC salary schedule
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: MCCAA

May be assigned to teach classes according to approved course syllabi and minimum competencies. May be assigned to teach distance learning classes via ITV or Internet. May be assigned to perform other duties related to their qualifications and skills. Arrive on time for classes or notify head women’s basketball coach or athletic director as early as possible of an inability to meet a class. Schedule, post, and keep office hours as required by College policy. Keep class record books, keys, lesson assignments, and other necessary materials or equipment available for substitute instructors. Assist with counseling and registration of students. Submit all required student grade reports to the registrar’s office on schedule. Maintain accurate attendance records for all classes. Attend all faculty meetings, commencements, and other special meetings called by the athletic director, division chairperson, associate vice president of academic affairs, vice president of instruction, or the president. Must be capable of effectively motivating, teaching, and supervising students. Must maintain a professional relationship with students and peers. Keep the administration informed regarding matters affecting the welfare of students, faculty, and the institution. Serve as members of committees. Recommend the purchase of library books and instructional materials. Coaching duties as assigned by head women’s basketball coach. Other duties as assigned by the head women’s basketball coach, athletic director, or other appropriate supervisory personnel.

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