Assistant Coach – Seminole State – Part-time

School: Seminole State
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Salary: 7K+Hourly Wage in Fitness Center
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Region II

TITLE: Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach/ Staff Residence Advisor (Part-time, 10 months, Non-exempt)
POSITION SUMMARY Employee assists the program Head Coach with all aspects of the sports program under the direct supervision of the Head Coach and the Director of Athletics. Coaching duties require professionalism and integrity and will include, but are not limited to the following: serve as the recruiting coordinator for the program and in so doing, assume a majority of the responsibility for the recruitment, retention and graduation of talented, high character student athletes, performance of assigned aspects of in-season and off-season competitive preparation and training of the sports team, the academic monitoring and mentoring of student athletes in the sports program and fundraising as assigned together with involvement in community activities. This position also serves as a Staff Residence Advisor (SRA) in the Residence Life program. This is a 10 month, live-in position under the general direction of the Coordinator of Residence Life and the Residence Hall Manager. The SRA serves as a mentor to Student Residence Assistants and plays a key role in the overall operation of on-campus student housing.
ASSISTANT COACH DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Loyally assist the Head Coach in providing ethical and dynamic leadership of the sports program that consistently results in the achievement of both academic and competitive excellence. 2. Prepare for and attend practices, games and team activities. 3. Perform thorough off-campus and/or video scouting of both opponents and potential recruits. 4. Serve as recruiting coordinator for the sports program and in so doing, take responsibility for the strategic planning and execution of the recruitment of talented, high character student athletes. 5. Administer assigned aspects of in-season and off-season competitive preparation and training of the sports team. 6. Assist the Head Coach with the purchasing and inventorying all sport and office equipment and supplies for the sports program. 7. Perform year-round academic monitoring and mentoring of student athletes in the sports program. 8. Communicate and cooperate with the Student Athlete Academic Advisor in a timely and professional manner. 9. Contribute to sport facility upkeep and improvements as needed and directed. Assistant Coaches of outdoor sports will contribute as assigned to field/court maintenance and management of facilities owned or leased by SSC. 10. Follow all departmental and college procedures in a timely, ethical, conscientious and professional manner. 11. Contribute all requested data and online entries to the SSC and NJCAA sports information officers in a timely, ethical, conscientious and professional manner. 12. Adhere to NJCAA, Region II and OCAC by-laws. Adhere to the NJCAA Coaching Ethics Code. 13. Perform fundraising projects for program as assigned and participate in specific community activities. 14. Utilize campus vehicles in a defensive, safety conscious manner, while following all state statutes and college motor pool procedures. 15. Transport team to games, scrimmages and team activities in college owned vehicles that require a CDL. Maintain a valid Oklahoma CDL and liability insurance. 16. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.
STAFF RESIDENCE ADVISOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Assist the Coordinator of Residence Life and the Residence Hall Manager as requested in the supervision and evaluation of Student Residence Assistants. 2. Be a resource and support to Student Residence Assistants in appropriately dealing with resident conflicts and other student issues. 3. Understand and clearly interpret institutional policies and procedures for students so these may be carried out correctly, and assist Student Residence Assistants with the same. 4. Interface with student(s) as appropriate when policy violations occur. 5. Mediate roommate and other resident conflicts. 6. Maintain high visibility throughout the building. 7. Be available to assist students with personal, health, academic or other problems. Refer these students to the appropriate campus and area resources. Assist Student Residence Assistants with this process as needed. 8. Due to the nature of the position, set duty hours/shifts will be required. 9. Be available on campus at the designated dates and times for training and to assist with residence hall preparations, and remain until checkout is complete at the end of each term. Dates will be set by the Coordinator of Residence Life. 10. Assist with hall openings, including check-in of early arrivals, distribution and collection of room condition contracts, keys, and assist with coordination of any additional details of hall opening operations. 11. Assist with hall closing for all vacation breaks, including dissemination of information and checking rooms. Remain in hall until all duties are completed and hall is secure. 12. Assist with year-end hall closing, including dissemination of information, inventory all Room Condition Contracts and keys, and assess room and hall damages and identifying maintenance needs. 13. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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