Assistant Coach – Averett University

School: Averett University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: 45-50K
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: USA South

Assistant Coaches at Averett University are deemed to be Teaching Assistants (TA), which is a graduate student employed in support of the teaching mission of the University. Assistant Coaches are not full-time employees as the TA position is intended for graduate students employed in teaching activities whether in a classroom or with a team (coaching). Athletics is part of the overall educational process and provides life skills lessons and support of the academic process; henceforth referred to as Assistant Coaches. Enrollment in one of Averett’s graduate programs is a requirement of this position.
Reporting to a Head Coach an assistant coach is responsible for supporting the management of a varsity intercollegiate sport program at the University. Duties will include support in coaching, recruiting, practice and game organization and team operations, retention and administration. In addition, assistant coaches will serve as game management staff at off-season intercollegiate contests as assigned by the department, as well as helping monitor student-athletes out of practice assisting residence life and student success as needed.
QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree and successful coaching, playing, and/or teaching experience is required. Experience at the intercollegiate level is preferred.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following but not limited to:
1) Assist head coach in organizing and conducting practices and contests in all aspects necessary in running a competitive Division III program.
2) Assist in the recruitment of a diverse group of qualified student athletes for successful participation at the varsity athletic level
3) Advise and supervise team members, captains, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) team representatives and team managers as directed.
4) Demonstrate leadership, sportsmanship, and conduct becoming of the coaching profession adhering to all college and professional sport association guidelines
5) Adhere to all NCAA D-III, USA South and sport rules and regulations.
6) Serve as game administrator at intercollegiate contests as assigned by the department and/or assist in other assigned duties in support of the department and program.
Assistant Coaches may be provided room and board with the expectation that they will participate in team nutrition tables; be visible in the dining hall and residence halls after hours to support the Residence Life program; support the afterhours emergency response protocol in place for the University; support and engage students and student athletes in learning opportunities outside of the classroom and playing field through the student life program. Assist in study hall monitoring and academic progress evaluation in support of Student Success Office.
Physical Demands: Light to moderate. Applicants must be able to meet the physical demands of set-up, clean-up and conducting of a collegiate level practices and games

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