Assistant Athletic Director & Women’s Basketball Head Coach – Kankakee CC (IL)

School: Kankakee CC (IL)
Position: Assistant Athletic Director & Women's Basketball Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: Salary begins at $48,259/yr. and may increase with experience and education.
Organization: NJCAA
Level: null

Directs and coordinates the Physical Fitness Center. Recommends scheduling of center and supervises personnel related to the center. Serves as head coach in an intercollegiate sport. Supervises activities held in the activities building including set up and clean up (with the help of Physical Plant staff). Directs and supervises the college’s athletic preparation room. Directs and supervises activities held on the softball/baseball complex and soccer fields.

Examples of Duties

A. Fitness Center

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the College Fitness Center.
  • Checks daily to see that all Fitness Center equipment is in proper working order.
  • Recommends and sets up periodic maintenance schedule for Fitness Center equipment.
  • Interviews, recommends, supervises and evaluates all Fitness Center employees.
  • Maintains all necessary records for students enrolled in the Fitness Center.
  • Prepares all necessary budgets, bid specifications and purchase orders.
  • Is responsible for the promotion of the Fitness Center in the District 520 community, through speeches to civic organizations, contacts with local media, and working with the Office of Marketing and Planning.
  • Directs and actively participates in the Fitness Center assessments of students.
  • Supervisor of pre-season and off-season related to athletic preparation, coaching, or Fitness Center as developed by Athletic Department.
  • Supervises any assigned student workers.
  • Prepares weekly schedules of student workers and Fitness Center Specialists.
  • Prepares yearly fiscal report on expenditures and revenue generated by the Fitness Center.
  • Instructs college credit and continuing education classes in the Physical Education Department.

B. Athletic Facilities

  • Supervises the student worker to support the programs offered the Activities building for all events including non-athletic activities.
  • Receives, reviews, and responds to student worker or staff grievances, both formal and informal. Disciplines student workers as warranted including issuance of reprimands, suspensions, or effective recommendations of terminations. Evaluates performance of student workers.
  • Serves as administrative liaison to the Physical Plant Director for matters related to athletic facilities for events hosted in the Activities Building.
  • Assists in the supervision of Summer Athletic Leagues and camps when called upon by the Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Auxiliary Services.
  • Recommends purchases of appropriate equipment and supplies to the Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Auxiliary Services.
  • Keeps records of number of students participating in each organized sport and total number of athletic events.
  • Establishes health and safety rules and regulations for participation in sports and conducts inspections of the physical facilities for health and safety hazards.
  • Supervises locker rooms and equipment used in the Activities building.
  • Makes necessary arrangements for reservations for physical facilities necessary for each sport.
  • Supervises all work-study employees in the athletic area including recommendations for hire, discipline, scheduling and payroll records.
  • Sets up and cleans up facility (in conjunction with Physical Plant staff) after all athletic events and special events as assigned by the Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Auxiliary Services.
  • Manages the daily operations of the College’s Athletic Preparation Room.
  • Keeps accurate physical forms, accident reports, and daily visit sheets for the Athletic Preparation Room.
  • Manages student-athlete insurance claims with college athletic insurance provider.
  • Establishes Athletic Preparation Room hours to meet needs of all athletic teams. Maintains a clean and healthy Athletic Preparation Room.

C. Head Coach

  • Formulates a successful philosophy to promote the educational welfare and sportsmanship of the student-athlete.
  • Recruits prospective student athletes year round. Processes names of all prospective participants for developing an eligibility list.
  • Responsible for scheduling games, officials and transportation.
  • Ensures that all athletes meet NJCAA eligibility requirements and assist A.D. in preparing eligibility forms to be sent to the NJCAA.
  • Develops practice schedules and teach the fundamental skills of the game.
  • Makes all travel arrangements for the team.
  • Maintains inventory of equipment and supplies and assists with their distribution and management.
  • Works closely with the athletic trainer to make sure all athletes have a valid physical on file.
  • Attends coaching meetings called by the Athletic Director.
  • Supervises players at practices and games.
  • Develops fundraisers to improve their program.
  • Assists in the coordination, management and implementation of summer camps, leagues and special events as interest warrants same.
  • Conducts practice sessions and game contests in accordance with NJCAA regulations.
  • Conducts activities with consideration given to the performance of the team related to sportsmanship, proper manners, etiquette and educational commitment.
  • Provides supervision and transportation for any away contests.
  • Assists sophomore players with transfer decisions.
Minimum Qualifications

A. Bachelor’s degree, preferable in the area of physical education or recreation, required. Master’s degree preferred.

B. Experience in directing athletic events, coaching, and Fitness Center operations preferred.

C. Ability to work with the public is highly desirable.

D. Valid CDL license or willingness to obtain required.

E. Qualified candidate must be functionally literate in reading, writing, and computation skills as well as computer literate or willing to learn.

Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

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