Drill of The Week

Coach Tony Miller demonstrates a great small group drill to get reps up in a fun and unique way. Check out the full breakdown in the video below. 

Team shooting games are a fun way to compete during block training. It gives our players a quick rest from competing in small-sided games or 5-on-5. 4 Spot, 4 Shot Shooting is one of those shooting games.

Split your team into two groups and send each group to their own basket. Put a desired time on the clock. Whichever team has the most makes at the end of the time, wins.


Drill Breakdown: 

  • 1 player begins in each of the following positions: corner, wing, wing, corner.
  • Remaining players line up along the baseline.
  • Pass a ball (4 total basketballs are needed) around the perimeter to each of the four shooters for each player to take a shot.