Drill of The Week

In this Dr. Dish drill of the week, Coach Tony Miller demonstrates a great offensive drill for players to work on ball screen action. Check out the full breakdown in the video below!


Because ball screen offense is such a big part of the modern game, I like to incorporate ball screen scenarios into my small group workouts. Instead of on-air reps, add a defender to move the drill closer to a game-like scenario.

Tony Miller Ball Screen Offensive Drill

Ball Screen Drill

  • Offense starts on the wing with a screener on the elbow
  • Defense starts a step beside the offensive player on the wing
  • On the Dish’s pass out to the wing, the screener moves towards the wing to set the screen
  • The ballhandler uses the screen to get into the lane while the defender chases over the top of the screen to put pressure on the ballhandler
  • Finish with a jumper or a floater in the lane.