Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: UNLV Post Screen the Screener

In this drill, Coach TJ Otzelberger of the UNLV Runnin Rebels showcases a great way to use the Dr. Dish CT in a team setting.

Check it out below!

Here Coach Otzelberger uses all 5 players to simulate the spacing of a standard post entry pass from the wing. On the opposite side, the players execute a couple of different screens to create an open look for a shot in the corner. The 1st pass comes from the Dish under the basket to a player in the slot position. He swings the ball to the deep wing/corner who then feeds the post. As this is happening the slot player screens away for the player in the opposite wing position. Last, the player in the opposite corner then screens the screener (the original slot player) for a cross court pass to the opposite corner for the shot.

This is a great way to emphasize spacing and moving without the ball. Oftentimes when the ball is entered in the post, players tend to stand around waiting for the post to either pass out or look to score. Many times it’s more effective to continue screening and moving off the ball in order to keep the weakside defense occupied and scrambling.

You can find this team drill directly on the Dr. Dish app and Training Management System. As with all drills you can set different goals based on attempts, makes, or time.

This is a great way to incorporate multiple players into a game-like drill in an efficient manner using Dr. Dish. Give it a try!

We are absolutely thrilled to work with such a great coach and program and look forward to following their progress for many seasons to come!