Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: UNLV Drive Kick Backside Screen

This shooting drill on the Dr. Dish CT machine, courtesy of Head Coach TJ Otzelberger of UNLV Men’s Basketball, works on a drive/kick action into the hammer action. This is something you will commonly see in the NBA and specifically with the San Antonio Spurs but is trickling its way down to the college and high school game.

Check out the full breakdown below!

While driving baseline and passing to the opposite corner could be looked at as unconventional, it’s a great way to create an open look especially if the defense is forcing towards the baseline.

The screen on the opposite side is also unconventional as many defenses aren’t ready for it. While the corner 3 is especially valuable at the NBA level, it’s something that all levels can benefit from.

Try this out in your next workout/practice and make sure to incorporate the fundamentals to truly maximize your training!

We suggest a pass tempo of around 3-5 depending on number of players and skill level. Remember, on Dr. Dish shooting machines you can choose from a variety of different drills goals: Shots taken, shots made, time, or even streaks.