Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: UNLV Ball Screen Post Dive

We were very fortunate to visit our new partners at UNLV Basketball this summer and film a few great team drills on their Dr. Dish CT machine with new Head Coach, TJ Otzelberger.

In this video Coach Otzelberger demonstrates a great drill that combines multiple actions: ball screen, pick and pop action, ball reversal, slip screen, floater, AND a spot up jump shot.

Check it out below!

This drill is perfect for 3-6 players – make sure to rotate spots and use both sides of the floor. It’s essential to focus on the fundamentals and simulating game speed actions for this drill to translate into a game situation.

Recommended drill settings:

Pass locations: Slot and wing areas
Pass tempo: 3-4
Goal: Can be timed, shots made, or shots taken. We recommend performing the drill for 5 minutes and then switching sides.