Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Post Drill Sequence

We’re thrilled to partner up with Coach Tony Miller from Bob Jones University to provide us with weekly Dr. Dish drills and basketball coaching content on our blog! Coach Miller has been very active in the basketball coaching community through his great podcast, A Quick Timeout, as well as through his social media/Twitter account @tonywmiller and we’re very excited to have him on board with us at Dr. Dish.

In his first Dr. Dish drill of the week, Coach Miller focuses on 3 simple post options with the Dr. Dish located away from the basket and on the wing (compatible with Dr. Dish All-Star and Dr. Dish CT models).

Check out the breakdown below, try this progression out, and stay tuned for much more coming!

Something that’s great about the Dr. Dish Shooting Machine is the flexibility to use the device as more than just a shot rebounder. Even post players can benefit from the passing capabilities of the Dish.

Dish Drill of Week 1 (1)

For this drill, place the Dr. Dish on the wing, behind the three-point line. Begin with the player on the block, facing the Dish. The player will receive three passes:

Orange: Catch, reverse pivot, rip through, finish with a reverse layup

Red: Catch, front pivot, middle drive, spin, finish

Blue: Catch, back down, finish at the rim

To improve your effectiveness around the basket, move the Dish to any of the 5 perimeter spots (corners, wings, top) and get creative with post moves and finishing moves.

Want to see the Dr. Dish swivel net in action delivering post entry passes? Check out the video below!