Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Plus/Minus 66 Shooting

Coach Jordan Petersen of Positionless Basketball and Ellsworth High School (WI) demonstrates a great shooting challenge for any player to try using their Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine.

Check out how it works below!

You can find this challenge directly on the Dr. Dish app or Training Management System but it does require some manual scoring. Depending on ability and type of player, you can execute this drill from the 2 point or 3 point range.

The Dish will pass to 9 spots all around the perimeter in a sprinkler fashion. Every make is worth 3 points and every time a player misses 2 in a row it’s -3 points. The goal is to achieve a score of 66 as fast as possible.

Challenge yourself and your team to see if you can reach 66 in only a few minutes!