Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Louisville Full Court Drill

We had an absolute blast visiting the University of Louisville this past month to shoot a bunch of their favorite drills on their Dr. Dish machines! This video is the 1st of many more coming so stay tuned.

In this drill, Coach Sam Purcell of Louisville Women’s Basketball does a tremendous job demonstrating a full court drill using their Dr. Dish CT. This drill focuses on transition running, passing, finishing, and a jump shot off the dribble.

Using the Dr. Dish as a rebounder and passer helps make this drill more efficient and provides accountability as players get tired. Regardless of how tired the players are, the Dish is still going to pass out at the same tempo. We suggest adjusting the tempo depending on # of players and skill level.

Listen up to Coach Purcell as he explains several great fundamentals that have allowed Louisville to become one of the elite programs in the country!

Again, as Coach Purcell mentions, it’s critical to focus on going game speed and executing the fundamentals in order to build quality habits and translate the skills into a game situation.

Recommended drill settings:

Pass location: Wing (switch sides)
Pass distance: 3-5
Pass tempo: Anywhere from 2-5 depending on players
Goal: We recommend doing a timed goal like 2-3 minutes on each side.