Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Louisville Basketball Team Drill

This is a great team drill using the Dr. Dish CT shooting machine from Coach Beth Burns of the University of Louisville Women’s Basketball program. Here, she focuses on a full court action that incorporates both guards and post players. Of course, as the game becomes more positionless, each player can play each role.

Check out the full drill and teaching points below!


The drill starts with an outlet pass from the Dish to the “point guard” at the wing. The “point” player passes ahead to a wing player running wide. The wing player then feeds the post player running down the middle of the court in stride for a layup/dunk. The post player then takes the ball out of the net and throws an outlet/in-bound pass to the original “wing” player who passes ahead to the original “point” player. From there, the player who receives the ball can take a transition 3, pull up, floater, etc. Feel free to mix it up!

As that is happening, another group of 3 is running right behind them and executing the same drill. Once each basket has been finished at, the players keep going in a continuous fashion.

Typically a good tempo from Dr. Dish is 6-8 depending on the number of players.

Give this a try in your practices/team drills!