Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Fake Snake Pick and Roll with DJ Sackmann

In this drill our partner DJ Sackmann demonstrates how to “fake snake” dribble off of a middle pick and roll while using the Dr. Dish CT.
Here DJ is simulating the on ball defender going over the top of the ball screen while the screener’s defender showing a soft hedge. Typically to get to the open space in this situation is to “snake” the screen by crossing over. However, in this situation, DJ shows an in and out move to “fake snake” the screen and get to open space towards the wing area.


Practicing proper footwork is essential in this drill to cover maximum space and create an open shot. Make sure to practice this going both right and left.
You can find the workout in the Dr. Dish app and on the Dr. Dish CT touchscreen. Here is the link to the workout in our Training Management System.
Pass location: Top of the key
Pass tempo: 6
Goal: Made, taken, or time