Dory Smith Retires as Principia College’s Head Women’s Basketball Coach

After serving Principia College for four years as the head women’s basketball coach, Dory Smith has announced her retirement. Today’s game against Fontbonne University was her last game as a coach at Principia. Smith has been a beloved coach to numerous athletes over the years. This year’s team all agreed on how much they admired her love for the team, her dedication to the program and the sport of basketball. Madi Leslie added “I’m just very grateful for a coach who was willing to push us all season, but also meet us where we were at with nothing but love.”

Smith was also praised by others in the department. “I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside Dory Smith. She is an exemplary coach and athletics administrator” says Athletic Director Ann Pierson, “she is dedicated to the game and the students she leads. Even after years of playing a sport and coaching it she never assumed she knew it all. She constantly sought out learning opportunities and mentors and devoted tremendous amounts of time to her preparation to teach. We are grateful for her example and all she has done for Principia over the years.” Assistant women’s basketball coach Leslie Shelton adds “Not anyone could start up the Women’s basketball program. But Dory did. The countless hours Dory has put into creating a basketball program is unimaginable. Her dedication and perseverance is admirable and this shows in the teams’ love for the game and for each other. Thank you, Dory, for always putting the team above everything else. We have been so blessed to have you guiding the way. ”

Smith has been part of the basketball community in St. Louis for many years. To further develop her coaching techniques, coach Smith often observed the practices and coaching of St. Louis University’s head women’s basketball coach, Lisa Stone. “Dory was constantly trying to develop herself as well as her coaching styles,” said Stone. “Dory is a wonderful human being and a very dedicated coach.  She works hard to grow her game and help her players succeed both on and off the court. I have enjoyed getting to know Dory and appreciate all she does for women’s basketball.  There should be more people like Dory coaching today’s women. Thank you Dory, and congratulations on your retirement!”

Some conference coaches also wanted to weigh in and say a few words about their time with Coach Smith and her upcoming retirement.

“Dory we wish you nothing but the best of luck in your next adventure! You have always been nothing but classy and motivating with your teams! We will miss you in our league”
~Coach Jordan Olufson, Webster University

“Dory is an outstanding lady and coach.  I have been very impressed with her team’s attitude and willingness to play hard, despite the fact that they have played with few substitutes throughout the year.  She was a perfect choice to resurrect the women’s basketball program at Principia and I wish her the very best in her retirement.”
~Coach Charlie Just, Spalding University

“I’m happy to have gotten to know Coach Smith through coaching these last few years. She has always been a class act and a positive example for her student athletes.  I’m sure her impact at Principia will be felt for years to come. I want to wish her the best in retirement and in all her future pursuits.”
~Coach Amos Arbogast, Eureka College

Principia College Athletics is very grateful for everything Dory Smith has done over her years of service while in this position, and wishes her great success with her next adventures.